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What to Look for in a Youth Christian Camp

There are a ton of kids summer camps in and around Avon Park. But you don’t want to register your child for just any of them — you want their program to have a Christian focus. Keep reading for five things to look for in a Christian camp.

Christian teachings

Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way first. At a youth summer camp that claims to be Christian-focused, you expect your child will learn a thing or two about Christianity. This could mean daily Bible reading and time for silent reflection, among other camp activities.

At Camp Wingmann, Jesus is at the forefront of everything we do. Whether your child is engaged in water activities, music/dance lessons, or any of our team-building games, we go above and beyond to help them grow in their faith. Our staff emphasizes throughout the week that Christ should be at the center of their lives at all times.

Experienced, qualified staff

Many parents are reluctant to register their children for summer camp because of safety concerns with the staff. It’s a reasonable concern considering you will be leaving your child for several days with people you’ve never met.

At Camp Wingmann, we think of our staff as a family, not just coworkers. With several decades of combined experience, you can feel at ease knowing your child will be cared for by people who know what they’re doing. Every staffer at Camp Wingmann receives everything they need to be successful, including training and mentoring. We must also mention that everyone on our team is required to pass an extensive background check.

Various fun activities

Think back on what summer camp was like for you as a kid. Maybe the experience was ruined by a less-than-ideal group of instructors. On the other hand, perhaps you recall doing nothing but playing the same few games all week long.

We make sure to have a varied list of activities for every youth Christian camp. At Camp Wingmann, a memorable camp experience means splitting time between water activities, music and dance lessons, sports, and high-intensity activities such as zip line and rock wall. The last thing we want is for your son or daughter to ever be bored during camp, which is why every day consists of different activities.

Affordable sessions

Christian summer camps shouldn’t break the bank for any family. At Camp Wingmann in Avon Park, a six-day session costs just $395 and includes meals and lodging. Interested in also registering their sibling or best friend for the same camp? Be sure to ask about our $25 second camper discount.

Convenient dates

Some Christian camps have only a few sessions during the summer and that’s it. We’re willing to bet that between other commitments these next few months (vacation in particular), you probably don’t have many open weeks to send your son or daughter to camp.

Camp Wingmann has a total of six sessions for high school, middle school, and elementary school age groups in June and July. Contact us today for more information.

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