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Goodbye 2022. Hello 2023.

This time of year often brings with it reflection, and I can’t help but think about all the great accomplishments we had in 2022. First, I’d like to thank all of you for your continued support. We’re blessed to have you as a part of our community and we’re grateful for our ability to serve our youth.

This past summer, Camp Wingmann touched the lives of over 200 campers. Thanks to our compassionate and hard working staff, we were able to provide gospel-centered, community oriented experiences for all of our campers. Looking ahead, we had a successful early registration for Summer 2023, and we announced our new two week session! We’re excited for innovation, passion, faith, and fun to come together to make for another amazing summer!

In addition to impacting the lives of our campers, we have worked towards rebuilding our camp’s facilities. Construction on our Lakehouse and Yates Hall’s porch were completed in time for Summer 2022. Our hope is to have all the construction on Yates Hall complete for Summer 2023, including a new kitchen, new flooring, and new bathrooms. The best part is we preserved the historic elements that make Yates Hall so special.

Another goal we reached this year was to introduce new families to the mission of Camp Wingmann. We hosted a Fall Festival with over 300 people from the community. We also participated in Sebring’s Art Festival and Holiday Parade. It’s been nice to meet our neighbors and we look forward to continuing these new traditions that allow our community to grow in their love for Jesus Christ.

As we countdown to the end of the year we also begin counting down the days til summer! We’re indebted to our community for our ability to carry our mission into 2023; camp is an important place for our youth and for keeping our faith alive. We’re honored to be committed to that pursuit with your support and blessing!

Thank you, Joshua Joseph, Director

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