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summer activities

At Camp Wingmann, our bunks travel to activities together throughout the day. We offer a variety of programs from adventure to creative arts. Plus, activities like obstacle courses and camp challenges require effective communication and teach campers to work as a team. All of our activities foster great qualities like leadership and collaboration. 

Campers come together for meals, worship, and all-camp activities like our talent show.  


All campers are allowed to participate in all activities with the exception of the high rope elements which require the participants to be entering 6th grade.


Our beautiful spring-fed lake provides a space for some super fun activities including swimming, sailing, tubing, and slip sliding on our inflatables.


The Arts

Don't stop what you love doing! We offer a space for you to continue doing what you love here at camp. Stay connected with our art and drama classes, or music and dance lessons - we have something for everyone!



Wingmann has an awesome mix of traditional sports, and unique camp sports! Enjoy classics like beach volleyball, basketball, and football. Then have some fun with, human battleship, limbo, archery, and more!

High Intensity

Love high-intensity, high-energy activities? Well, look no further! We have high-energy, character building camp activities! Climb our rock wall, zip down our zip line, or put your skills to the test by taking on the gauntlet. If you want to be challenged, we'll see you when you get here. High Ropes Course not offered during the elementary session, however, Low Rope activities are available and are loads of fun!

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Have questions? Our camp staff is available to provide you the answers!

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