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We go above and beyond!

We love our staff and we ensure that they are highly trained and well prepared to be incredible counselors during our summer and winter camps. Our goal is that the skills developed here go beyond camp and that our staff can put these crucial skills into real world applications.


Every counselor will receive training in the following areas:

  • How to be a counselor

  • Camp Wingmann rules and regulations

  • Camp Wingmann policy and procedures 

  • Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention (Safeguarding God’s Children, etc)

  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (Safeguarding God’s Children, etc)

  • Basic First Aid and CPR Training 

  • COVID-19 Guidelines


All potential employees will:  

  • Submit a written and signed job application which includes a pledge of good, moral conduct and permission to conduct background checks. 

  • Have an interview with the Camp Director

  • Have two references verified by Camp Wingmann

  • Have background checks by:  

    • FDLE

    • Local Law enforcement

    • Sex offender registry

  •    Sign an employment contract 

I'm ready to go to work!

"They manage to keep the kids running, singing, learning, playing, and praying all day - a perfect antidote to the school year."        - Susan, parent

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