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  • During winter, does it get cold at camp?
    Although it’s definitely colder than the summer—we’re still in the sunshine state! Temperatures typically range between 50-65 degrees.
  • Do all campers interact with each other regardless of age?
    We have separate programming for elementary campers. Our middle and high programming is combined.
  • Is everything included in the tuition fee?
    Everything is included in the tuition except for items campers may purchase from our canteen.
  • Are the summer activities available in winter?
    All your favorite on-land activities are available. Swimming is not available in winter because the water gets too cold.
  • Does Wingmann offer transportation to and from camp?
    Campers typically come from all over Florida and the United States, so it is not possible to provide transportation.

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Did you know we offer a Winter Camp? Nothing is better than hot cocoa and campfires!

"My daughter just got back fro camp and she cannot stop talking about the friends and how much fun she had!"          - Ashley, parent

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