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RETREATS at wingmann

Retreats at Wingmann are incredible opportunities to create a unique bonding experience for your team, family, or whatever it is that you call your crew!

Spreading across 25 acres, we have something to satisfy every group so that you leave Wingmann closer than when you came in. Renting out our space will give you access to cabins, communal meeting spaces, grounds, and lodge quarters to suit the needs of your group. Dropping in for a day? Enjoy our communal grounds that can entertain 150 people! Need some more time to enjoy everything Wingmann has to offer? No problem! We can sleep up to 120 people and have activities that will keep your group entertained for however long you’re here. Please inquire about using our equipment, ropes courses, kayaks and catering! We can provide food service at Wingmann or you can choose to cater with an outside party.


As we open our doors to you and yours, please be mindful of our space and respect our “house rules” of quiet hours from 10:00PM - 8:00AM. To keep Wingmann and its guests safe, we also do not allow tobacco, firearms, or weapons of any kind

"The camp sits in a beautiful setting on a Florida lake under an oak hammock." 

- Susan, parent

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