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5 Things to Know About Camp Wingmann

Camp Wingmann is all about helping children meet Jesus and grow in their faith. In this post, we thought it would be beneficial to provide a simplified version of our programs so you can understand the big picture of our Christian camp. Here are five things to know about Camp Wingmann in Avon Park.

We are a Christ-centered camp - It’s becoming more and more difficult for young people to put Jesus at the center of their lives. We’re trying to buck that trend here at Camp Wingmann. Our team believes that by creating a beautiful and holy place set aside for youth, we can help others realize the importance of developing their faith. This is not a traditional summer camp in that we emphasize Christian teachings throughout the week.

We have an extensive history - Camp Wingmann is not a Christian camp that seemingly popped out of nowhere. The inaugural Camp Wingmann was held in 1928 on an island several miles west of Davie, Florida in the Everglades. Following a number of ups and downs with the camp for nearly 70 years, Camp Wingmann was repurchased in 1998 and returned to being a place for campers and Christ to come together.

We have an incredible staff - Our Christian camp wouldn’t be what it is today without an amazing team. We are blessed to have staff members who truly believe in the Camp Wingmann mission and routinely go above and beyond their job description for the sake of our campers. From our founders to our grounds crew, you will see that the Camp Wingmann family is passionate about what they do. Take a few minutes to meet our leadership team.

We provide a memorable camp experience - Our staff enjoys nothing more than welcoming campers home to Camp Wingmann in Avon Park. Whether your child enjoys spending time in the water, creating art, or participating in high-intensity activities such as rock wall climbing, we have something for everyone at our church camp. We’re certain your son or daughter will have a blast participating in fun, team building, and character building activities throughout the week.

We make safety a top priority - If you only take away one thing from this post, it should be that Camp Wingmann emphasizes child safety more than anything else. Ask any parent of a previous camper and they’ll tell you we go to great lengths to keep your son or daughter safe throughout the summer. You can feel comfortable knowing Camp Wingmann follows a strict and highly regulated system that ensures the care of our campers.

Our Avon Park Christian Camp

Now that you have a better idea of Camp Wingmann, it’s time to register your child for an upcoming camp. As you might have guessed, spots are filling up quickly so contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions.

We look forward to creating a memorable camp experience for your child this summer! Register them today and watch them grow in their faith like never before.

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