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What Makes Camp Wingmann Different

What, in your opinion, must every kids summer camp have? You might say anything from fun activities to passionate team leaders. So what exactly sets Camp Wingmann in Avon Park apart from the typical youth summer camp?

Here’s what first comes to mind:

A consistent focus on Christ

Everything we do here at Camp Wingmann revolves around the teachings of Jesus. Whether a camper is in elementary school or high school, it’s our hope that they will discover the power of Christianity and grow in their faith. For years, Camp Wingmann has been a beautiful, holy place where kids and Christ come together.

A historic, breathtaking setting

Think about where the majority of kids camps are held — parks, schools, and open spaces. Camp Wingmann, on the other hand, takes place in beautiful Avon Park where Mother Nature is more stunning than ever. Such an incredible setting allows for a number of water activities, including swimming, sailing, and tubing (we’ll take a closer look at activities in a bit).

We should also mention that Camp Wingmann goes back to 1928 at Moccasin Island in the Everglades. Though the camp has served a different purpose throughout the years, the setting has remained the same. Today, Camp Wingmann is a year-round Christian retreat center for the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida.

Affordable rates

Have you ever been searching kids summer camps only to ask yourself, “How do they expect parents to pay these registration fees?” You’re not alone. The sad reality is that many camp organizers today are more interested in making an extra buck instead of creating the best possible program.

Here at Camp Wingmann, our staff is sensitive when it comes to financial constraints. We understand your family may be on a tight budget and that you probably don’t have an extra $1,000 just laying around for a camp. Camp Wingmann prides itself in providing an unmatched camp experience for participants without it costing an arm and a leg.

Countless fun activities

We’ve heard the stories before — a parent asks their child what fun things they did during camp and their child responds with “Nothing.” Before you choose to foot the bill for a summer camp, it’s important to get an idea of the kinds of activities that will take place.

There’s no need to worry about a lack of fun things to do at Camp Wingmann in Avon Park! In addition to the aforementioned water activities, participants will also take part in art and drama classes, dance lessons, group sports, rock climbing, zip lining, and much more! We make it a point to keep all campers excited and on their toes throughout the week.

Awesome staff

Here’s another thing that sets Camp Wingmann apart from the traditional summer camp. Whereas the staff at other programs mainly care about getting a paycheck, the Camp Wingmann team is truly invested in your child’s experience. All of us here go above and beyond to ensure your son or daughter feels happy, safe, and at home.

Contact us today to learn more about our Christian camp!

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