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How to Help Your Child Grow in Their Faith

There’s a lot going on in your child’s life at the moment. From undergoing physical changes to doing everything possible to fit in at school, it’s easy for your son or daughter to lose sight of what’s truly important.

Someone who develops a strong relationship with Christ at a young age is more likely to maintain spiritual discipline in the future. It’s your responsibility as a parent to ensure your child has regular opportunities to build this ever-important relationship. With that in mind, here are four ways to help youth grow in their faith, as referenced from FamilyLife:


There’s a good chance that prayer is already an integral part of your family time. Maybe you say a prayer before dinner and while putting your kids to bed. Prayer time doesn’t have to stop here, though!

The only way your child will understand the significance of prayer is if it’s woven in throughout the day’s events. For example, rather than immediately turn on the radio when getting in the car to go to school, say a quick prayer first. You can also pray before doctor appointments, tests, vacations — you get the idea.

Bible study

Whether you have a 5-year-old or a 16-year-old, a Bible passage can impact their life in profound ways. Bible study for young people could involve memorizing verses and/or spending quiet time in nature. The hope is that the sooner your child sees value in their Bible study, the more they will see the need to continue developing their relationship with God as an adult.

Church involvement

There’s no doubting the power of church groups for young people. Whereas children often have a difficult time following along during a normal service, youth group is designed specifically for, you guessed it, kids. Make a habit of attending Sunday or Saturday evening service and encouraging your child to be an active participant.

Church camp

As aforementioned, regular Bible study, prayer, and church involvement play a critical role in helping your child become closer to God. The fourth and final way to encourage your son or daughter in this endeavor is by sending them to the occasional church camp. No, we’re not talking about a place where campers might learn a faith-based song or two but are otherwise free to do whatever they want for the week.

A well-run kids Christian camp has Jesus at the center of every activity — period. Sure, your child will hopefully have the chance to participate in a number of fun activities, but their takeaway from camp should be the importance of making Christ their number one priority. The sad reality is that not every Christian youth camp keeps with this mindset all the time.

Register For A Kids Christian Camp In Avon Park

Here at Camp Wingmann, we take pride in helping our campers discover Christianity. A beautiful and holy place set aside for young people, no other youth Christian retreat compares to Camp Wingmann in Avon Park.

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