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Camp Wingmann is always looking for passionate and lively new members to join the Camp Wingmann family.

Camp jobs offer plenty of opportunities for skill-building, leadership, training, and enrichment opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else! Regardless of your educational or employment background, working at Wingmann allows you to learn and develop skills that can be applied to multiple future pathways including academic and occupational. College students, you can especially take advantage of this to as you are exposed to opportunities to improve crucial skills that will enhance your job marketability by learning things like leadership, communication, organization, and teambuilding. Here at Wingmann, the benefits go far beyond a paycheck. Not only can you improve your resume, but as camp staff, you are crucial in helping our campers grow with Christ. Join the family and further your blessings with Camp Wingmann.

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  • Live, play, and work in the great outdoors.

  • Go on active adventures.

  • Experience a new part of the country.

  • Make new friends from all over. 

  • Bank more money than you think — with few expenses.

  • Become a child's hero.

  • Gain invaluable skills such as leadership training, communication strategies, and teamwork.

  • Build Confidence!



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"Our son was a camper and then became a counselor. And now our oldest grandson is going there. It's been a wonderful place and experience."        - Cindy, parent

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