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Winter Camp 2022 COVID-19 Policy

Updated: November 3, 2021


We are working hard to create a safe space that respects varying beliefs and opinions related to COVID-19 protocols, policies, and cautions. Our highest priority is always the safety of campers, and our precautionary measures are in place to protect all persons the best that we can. 



Camp Wingmann has returned to normal operations overall. However, we are continuing to exercise enhanced hygiene and cleaning standards throughout our campus.  



      Testing and Vaccine Requirements- NEW!

      Upon arrival to Camp Wingmann, we will require proof of vaccination status or a negative PCR test conducted          within 72 hours of arrival. Rapid tests will not be accepted. 


      For Winter Camp 2022, you can schedule testing at local CVS or Walgreens in your city. Insurance companies          are fully covering the cost of COVID testing, and there are programs in place to cover the cost of testing if you            have no insurance, so there will be no extra cost to you. Most testing sites are requiring appointments, so please        make sure to schedule your appointment for Wednesday January 5th so that you’ll have your results in time for            Winter Camp drop off on Friday January 7th. Please bring proof of full vaccination (card) or negative test results          to drop off on Friday. 


      Again, please make sure that the testing site you choose is providing PCR testing and that the PCR test  is the              type of test you are scheduled to receive. 



      Mask Policy

      We are scheduling all activities to be outdoors when possible to maximize the reduction of mask wearing. In the        event that we have to be indoors, then we are asking all persons (staff, volunteers, and campers) to mask up until        we are back outside or in cabin units. 



Our campers and staff come from all over. As Winter Camp approaches, soon after the holiday season, we ask that  you carefully consider the ways your interactions and behaviors could impact our camp community and our Winter Camp schedule. Your caution to do this ensures that we have a safe and healthy weekend. 


If your camper or household has been in close contact with someone who has been exposed or infected with COVID-19 within 10 days of Winter Camp, please be responsible and keep your camper(s) home. 


**Please note that the guidelines outlined in this document may change as the status of COVID-19 evolves. And because the status of COVID-19 is unpredictable, this policy can change suddenly. Please be mindful that the policy you read in preparation of your camp session or event may be updated by the time your camp session or event actually occurs. We appreciate your understanding and support as we make the best possible decisions regarding the health and safety for our camp community.   













Joshua Joseph “JJ” | Director
Camp Wingmann Inc.

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Winter Camp 2022
COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

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