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The Camp Wingmann Experience

Camp Wingmann is anything but just another summer camp in Avon Park. Each of our programs are designed to help campers grow in their faith and discover Jesus in a fun, high-energy environment. Keep reading as we take a closer look at the Camp Wingmann experience.

Programs & Activities

What’s summer camp without taking part in waterfront activities? Camp participants have a blast swimming, sailing, and tubing in our beautiful lake. As with the rest of our programs and activities, safety is always a top priority with water activities.

Maybe your child enjoys drawing, painting, singing, or dancing. Well, thanks to our various art activities throughout the week, they’re certain to tap into their creativity. Camp Wingmann provides a number of opportunities to connect with art, whether it be through art classes, drama classes, or music and dance lessons.

Then there are the high-intensity activities at Camp Wingmann. Whether it’s climbing a rock wall or zipping down a zip line, we love incorporating high-energy events into our summer programs. It’s no wonder these activities are always popular with our campers!

From waterfront activities to group sports, we keep the fun going all week long at Camp Wingmann! Keep in mind that everything we plan for camp is intended to bring participants closer to Jesus.

The Cabins

As you can see, your camper will be busy making memories every day at Camp Wingmann. But when the time comes to relax inside with friends, our staff goes above and beyond to help them feel at home.

The cabins at Camp Wingmann have air conditioning, showers, and space for all of their personal belongings. We should also mention that each cabin travels together from one activity to the next. Over the years, we’ve found this allows campers to grow together, encourage one another, and become family.


Are you worried about what your child will be eating at summer camp? Rest assured that we have a food manager on staff who prepares delicious and nutritious meals for campers daily. Each camper at Camp Wingmann receives three meals a day so they have plenty of energy for every activity!

Food quality and diversity are important to us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our menu for your child’s week with us. We are also more than happy to work with you if you have a picky eater.

Health & Safety

As aforementioned, safety is a top priority at Camp Wingmann. We take every precaution necessary to ensure a safe camp, from having one nurse at camp at all times to being prepared to handle any food allergies. We also abide by a strict and highly regulated system that ensures your child’s safety at all times. Check out our child protection policy for more information.

The Best Summer Camp In Avon Park

Don’t make the mistake of searching “summer camps near me” and choosing one at random for your child. With camps officially underway for 2019, time is running out to register your son or daughter. Contact the Camp Wingmann team today!

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