What is Camp Wingmann in the Summer?


It is young people having fun and learning how much Jesus loves them

It is children splashing in Trout Lake while sailboats drift by looking like giant, colorful butterflies

It is the sound of young voices loudly singing God's praises during worship in All Angel's Chapel

It is the sound of basketballs being dribbled and shot in the gym

It is boisterous conversations as campers stuff their faces with candy and ice cream during canteen

It is cheering and screaming as cabins compete in silly games and olympic competitions

It is smiling faces sitting down to home cooked, all-you-can-eat meals

It is clergy in shorts playing dodge ball with the kids

It is gorgeous sunsets of red and pink and blue

It is waking up and looking bleary eyed at a colorful sunrise over the lake as you lie in a top bunk

It is going down the zip line screaming your head off!

It is sharing your heart with cabin mates during devotions before bed

Camp Wingmann is all this and much more.


Campers always have fun and grow in their faith while here.  Encourage all the parents you know to send their kids to Camp Wingmann this summer.

They will probably have the best week of their lives!